Clear Out Clutter from Closing Consignment Shop-Bay View

Local consignment shop owners are being squeezed out of their busineeses due to rising rents. Bay View second hand shops on both Kinnickinnic and Howell are on the verge of closing down. In the last week alone both have called for ASAP removal services.

I started by separating the clutter of large furniture pieces. Creating two categories-toss and donate. I was then tasked with assessing the condition of table legs and upholstery on some of her dinette sets. Are the legs broken or cracked? Does the upholstery have any tears or stains? Given the overall condition combined with cost of prospective repairs I separated accordingly. I did my best to assess the keepers from the junk. Next, I was asked to box up loose picture frames and paper goods and then haul them upstairs. There she would assess the value. I then proceeded to clear out remaining clutter and two hours in we were through.

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