Left dresser on curb-city of Milwaukee didn’t pick it up-call

If the city of Milwaukee doesn’t pick up your curbside dresser on trash day call the city alternative at 414-982-3736. If you are in Bay View expect a quick collection-outside of Bay View expect an expedited service, within 1-2 days ( conservative estimate). If you have something other than furniture that’s cool too. Just let your local Junk Guy know what ‘s lying bare de la curb. A construction bag left on the curb, we’ll dispose of that. Leave a box of rad cd’s or a pair of billabong shorts (or pants, or hats) we’ll scoop those up too. Do you want to get rid of a full size golf cart? No problem. It’ been done before. There’ s rarely a situation where a service is turned down based on material type. So give the Bay View Junk Guy a call for all your curbside removal needs.

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