Scoop up boxes and other garage junk in Whitefish Bay

Create space in your garage by letting go of project wood, tools and ladders. One rule to consider is the annual garage rule. If you have not used those 2 x 10’s or your third string weed trimmer, let it go. Same goes for those boxes of Christmas ornaments, if you did’nt use them last year, let them go. That sheet of plywood your wife worries about falling on her new chevy tahoe, let it go. Best be calling your local junk guy. He’ll scoop up unwanted garage junk in Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, or Bayside. And what’s more usable equipment such as trimmers and lawnmowers will be donated to the local thrift shop. The rest will probably go underground-to the dump, buried for generations to come. Anyway, call the Bay View Junk Guy for your removal and disposal needs at 414-982-3736.

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