What to do with leftover junk after movers are gone?

Do you plan on bringing all of your household stuff from one apartment to the next? Do you want the moving company to spend time moving that dusty college couch ? What about that 70’s clothes dryer that works great on your favorite air setting? The one used to dry wool blankets and wedding dresses. Should you pay the movers to haul away that useless weight?

Even if the moving guy is affordable and charges a $100.00 hourly rate? that first $100.00 quickly turns into $200.00, then 300.00 and then the “I should have taken Mike’s advice” starts to roll between the ears. OH, AND Don’t forget about your daughter’s toys and that closet full of clothes she hasn’t opened in ten years?

You can always fill up your Toyota Camry eighteen times and drive to the local dump. If Camry option fails though, call on your local junk guy. Mike serves Bay View residents along Lake Michigan and travels up to 25 miles in either direction. The Bay View Junk Guy travels west up to Elm Grove, New Berlin, and Brookfield. He covers the area south through Cudahy, South Milwaukee, and Oak Creek. North through the third and fifth wards, past Downtown and Shorewood, along I-94 through Glendale, Whitefish Bay and Bayside. So if the movers are gone and you have a leftover problem call the Bay View Junk Guy. Call 414-982-3736 for leftover services .

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