5 steps for removing 50" Sony picture tube television

Big TV removal in Milwaukee. “Big” meaning old school, Sony picture tube type. The 50″ television on wheels that weighs about 150lbs and has a width of nearly 28″.

How does one remove a bulky, heavy and dusty TV from their home?

1. First step is to find the exit with the least obstacles. An obstacle is anything blocking the movement of the television or person hauling it. Make sure baby kitten is put in another room. 

2. Measure the television’s height, width and depth. 

3. Next measure the doorways as is. Then measure the doorways without obstructions (screen doors and hardware, wooden doors, etc).

4. Once you’ve determined the path out, measured accordingly, and removed obstructions then you can either start rolling the television out or begin dismantling the doors and hardware (if necessary).

5. When moving the TV, take it slow, down one step at a time. Be sure to descend gently down the stairs to avoid breaking caster wheels.

Good luck.

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