Closing on a Home and Tips on Keeping Clean Out Costs Low

Keep home clean-out costs low by separating the “keep” pile from the “junk” pile.  Providing clarity to the junk guys on what goes vs. what stays keeps the haulers moving. By keeping the haulers moving you keep hours down and the costs low. Have a plan for big stuff removal like appliances, exercise equipment, bulky … Read moreClosing on a Home and Tips on Keeping Clean Out Costs Low

Why Pink Disposal is better than Cheap.

Why pink in name or product works in the waste disposal industry?  For one thing, a pink junk truck or an equally useful pink trailer stand out. The color pink doesn’t necessarily align with traditional waste disposal but a  name like Junk Box Pink may  be remembered and remarked about before more traditional names like  … Read moreWhy Pink Disposal is better than Cheap.

Play Set Removal (with wobbly posts)

If grandma asks you to remove the old wooden swing set you better get to work. First check the posts. Are they held tightly in the ground or do the posts move or wiggle when shaken? If they are wobbly, that generally indicates you’ll be able to remove the posts without a sledgehammer or even … Read morePlay Set Removal (with wobbly posts)

Keep Furniture Out of Trash Area [Apartment or Condo]

Property Managers save time by contracting Bay View Curbside to monitor dumpster area in Milwaukee apartments. Post a sign e that clearly prohibits leaving bulk junk in and around the trash area. Include the phone number of your favorite waste hauler.  In Milwaukee, Bay View Curbside is a  trusted choice. For help removing furniture and … Read moreKeep Furniture Out of Trash Area [Apartment or Condo]

Remove Upright Piano Safely (Donate, Dispose)

Is the upright piano on rollers? Are the rollers stable and safe (not bent or crooked)? Next check out the path the piano moves best on. Is it through a concrete garage or through the front living room? Does the living room have carpet or hardwood floors? Has the hardware floor recently been refinished? Is … Read moreRemove Upright Piano Safely (Donate, Dispose)