How to Safely Remove a Church Organ

The idea of removing a church organ is not a task to be taken lightly. First you must keep in mind that safety is the number one concern for both the team moving the organ as well as the church walls, doorways and other possible impediments. Once you…

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Cost to remove couch in Milwaukee

A two cushion sofa 55.00 A two cushion sofa with pull out bed 70.00 A three cushion couch 70.00 A three cushion couch with pull out bed 85.00 A leather sofa with one built in recliner 125.00 A leather couch with two built in recliners 150.00 A wrap…

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Remove My Mattress from Milwaukee Loft

Ready to discard your mattress and box spring? Here's what you can expect to be asked. First, consider size. Is it a full, queen, king or single? Is it a padded pillow top? Accessibility and condition should also be considered. Does the Junk Guy have to navigate a…

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