BvCurbside's Collection and Recycling Process

The electronics recycling process starts with the consumer.  She elects who will be recovering her end-of-life devices and ultimately determines whether they will be properly recycled or not.
BvCurbside is responsible for the collection and transport of unwanted and obsolete electronic devices.  We obtain material from residents, schools and small business and transport it to our holding facility at 2555 South Lenox Street in Milwaukee.
When Material arrives at our warehouse it is weighed and logged by address.  Once a certain volume of material is reached we place a call to a registered recycler and request a pick-up. The recycler then obtains the recovered material from BvCurbside  and hauls it to their facility for processing.  
BvCurbside’s registered recycler uses a 3-tier recycling process for all used computer and electronic equipment received.  Equipment brought to the facility is weighed, inventoried and sent through the following phases:
1st Phase – Reuse:
The first phase of the electronics recycling process is to visually inspect each unit.  At this time it is determined whether units will be recycled, re-used or refurbished. Reused equipment containing data will then be erased in accordance with Department of Defense standards.  After data is sanitized the units will be refurbished, tested and sold to reuse markets.
 2nd Phase – Recover:
The electronic units that do not pass visual inspection will be sent through processing.  Here, the units will then be deconstructed and separated into metals, plastics, and glass.  They are harvested and sent for reuse.
3rd Phase – Recycle:
After deconstructing electronic units, the residual components and materials  will be processed and sent back through the recycling stream and the material will be used for making new products.