Remove My Mattress from Milwaukee Loft

Ready to discard your mattress and box spring? Here's what you can expect to be asked. First, consider size. Is it a full, queen, king or single? Is it a padded pillow top? Accessibility and condition should also be considered. Does the Junk Guy have to navigate a…

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Bay View's Compass Newspaper

The importance of Bay View's local newspaper, the "Compass". First, why is print news important? If print news in important, why is local print news important? The Bay View Compass supports community projects and start ups. The Compass writes an article about you and. The compass brings value…

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Bay View TV Removal and Recycling

*Do I have to take my large TV out to the curb?  No.    Do you remove my old television from my home? Yes.What sizes do you take? All sizes.  Do you remove televisions from Bay View only? NoWhat do you do with them? All televisions get recycled?Is there…

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