Justice Breyer

Corruption does not include efforts to “garner ‘influence over or access to’ elected officials”. We all have a right to speak freely about our political views. If in the Wisconsin Governers’ race I favor Tony Zielinski over Scott Walker, I would vote for Tony Zielinski. And before voting I woould probably share my opinions with …

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Playing Civics

Play is the engine of real learning. It’s a biological imperative that facilitates self-discovery and an understanding of the way things function. Playful learning allows people to make sense of the world. When children make sense of the world, they soon discover their place in it. When adults make sense of the world, they too, …

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Business and Environment

Prior to the Federal Clean Air Act of 1970 Wisconsin businesses could operate without concern for Federal regulatory constraint. Environmental regulation of Wisconsin’s waste, water and air was largely left up to state government.  Unfortunately state government was reluctant to assert its regulatory power in cases where environmental legislation might be in tension with business …

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Milwaukee Trash Tubes

Downtown Milwaukee ought to consider “going pneumatic”. An underground trash tube system would mitigate congestion from dump trucks, offer an efficient solution to material separation, and decrease the financial and environmental costs of fossil fuel consumption. Each tube will be separate from the other. Garbage down one chute, plastic, paper, and food scraps down another. …

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Resource Agility and DfD

Design for deconstruction is a simple concept that maximizes the life-cycle of building materials. By extending the life of construction lumber and other composite material, DfD can make a significant contribution to resource conservation. Design for Deconstruction is about re-use. Designing material and its component parts in a way that can be easily disassembled. Constructing …

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Waste Efficiency / Dinosaur Dumpster

New economic arrangements and opportunity are increasing for small businesses in Milwaukee. As the waste recovery industry shifts from traditional disposal to more efficient recycling and by product synergy streams you can anticipate some systematic changes. Don’t be surprised to see some new and innovative collaborative partnerships taking on Wisconsin’s Waste Management “giants”. Companies like …

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