Why Pink Disposal is better than Cheap.

Why pink in name or product works in the waste disposal industry?  For one thing, a pink junk truck or an equally useful pink trailer stand out. The color pink doesn’t necessarily align with traditional waste disposal but a  name like Junk Box Pink may  be remembered and remarked about before more traditional names like  … Read moreWhy Pink Disposal is better than Cheap.

Play Set Removal (with wobbly posts)

If grandma asks you to remove the old wooden swing set you better get to work. First check the posts. Are they held tightly in the ground or do the posts move or wiggle when shaken? If they are wobbly, that generally indicates you’ll be able to remove the posts without a sledgehammer or even … Read morePlay Set Removal (with wobbly posts)

If You Find Mold under Kitchen Cabinets

If mold is suspected under your kitchen cabinets check for faucet or pipe leaks, When you find the leak, repair immediately to avoid additional damage or liability. Notify your family members about the potential for hazards like wet or rotted boards. Next, contain the area with plastic, wood or even a towel. Now you can … Read moreIf You Find Mold under Kitchen Cabinets

Real Estate Agents Deserve Fast and Friendly Contractors

Real Estate Agents require friendly and efficient contractors to close sales. Experience and social agility are a must for top performers in the field. Whether the agent is listing a residential or  commercial property the contractor must be prepared to provide information that is useful to both seller and buyer. Including providing onsite estimates for … Read moreReal Estate Agents Deserve Fast and Friendly Contractors

BvCurbside's Collection and Recycling Process

The electronics recycling process starts with the consumer.  She elects who will be recovering her end-of-life devices and ultimately determines whether they will be properly recycled or not. BvCurbside is responsible for the collection and transport of unwanted and obsolete electronic devices.  We obtain material from residents, schools and small business and transport it to … Read moreBvCurbside's Collection and Recycling Process

Making Bins Count

Bins, Bins, Bins. Re. Re. Re. rah. rah.rah. We have a bin at the neighborhood cafe that looks much like a bucket. Nothing wrong with buckets, but… is a bucket a bin. What’s s bin?  A box, frame, crib, an enclosed place. What is its purpose?