Ala Carte Home Removal Service

Try Donate Express for furniture removal in a hurry. Next day appointments are available for the removal of bulk items. Common services include couch removal, television collection and large dinettes. Property clean outs or estate liquidations require a 48 hour notice. We will do our best to accommodate your situation. Thanks.

Five Tips for Large TV Removal

Big TV removal in Milwaukee. “Big” meaning old school, Sony picture tube type. The 50″ television on wheels that weighs about 150lbs and has a width of nearly 28″. How does one remove a bulky, heavy and dusty TV from their home? 1. First step is to find the exit with the least obstacles. An

E-Cycle Geographical Zones

Zone 1 will be collected on the 1st Friday of the month: August 2, September 6,and so on .. and include residents living west of Kinnickinnic Avenue and north of Oklahoma. Zone 1 also includes the area west of Howell Avenue between Holt and Howard Avenue. Zone 2 will be collected on the 2nd Friday

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