Closing on a Home and Tips on Keeping Clean Out Costs Low

Keep home clean-out costs low by separating the “keep” pile from the “junk” pile.  Providing clarity to the junk guys on what goes vs. what stays keeps the haulers moving. By keeping the haulers moving you keep hours down and the costs low. Have a plan for big stuff removal like appliances, exercise equipment, bulky … Read moreClosing on a Home and Tips on Keeping Clean Out Costs Low

Remove Upright Piano Safely (Donate, Dispose)

Is the upright piano on rollers? Are the rollers stable and safe (not bent or crooked)? Next check out the path the piano moves best on. Is it through a concrete garage or through the front living room? Does the living room have carpet or hardwood floors? Has the hardware floor recently been refinished? Is … Read moreRemove Upright Piano Safely (Donate, Dispose)

Ala Carte Home Removal Service

Try Donate Express for furniture removal in a hurry. Next day appointments are available for the removal of bulk items. Common services include couch removal, television collection and large dinettes. Property clean outs or estate liquidations require a 48 hour notice. We will do our best to accommodate your situation. Thanks.

Milwaukee Contractors tussle over scarce commodity, Free Dumpster bags

A wise man once said, “share your abundance with others”. Whether it’s time, money, or those super duper dumpster bags. There are currently 11 available. For a free Curbside construction bag, follow these steps Contact mike … Include address for initial drop-off Up to two Bagsters can be loaned out with a deposit of $60.00 … Read moreMilwaukee Contractors tussle over scarce commodity, Free Dumpster bags

Why Michael hauls junk?

Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” concept emphasizes the importance of communicating from the “inside/out”. His simple model starts with asking WHY? Why are you doing what you do? This is the first question that should be explored and answered when considering a career or any other important life decision. Likewise, the reason(s) why, should be articulated … Read moreWhy Michael hauls junk?