Re this that and the other

There is much discussion around the importance of recycling in Milwaukee. Campaigns like “Recycle for Good” keep the idea of recycling fresh in our minds. “Recycle for Good” keeps the public informed. Using leaflets and flyers to express the virtues of recycling and resource conservation. Promoting the re-use of material goods, from cardboard to paper,

Pay-as-you-throw WI

Pay-as-you-throw curbside waste services are increasing in popularity. Many municipalities who have moved away from fixed or flat fees are seeing success with the PAYT model. Both cities and residents have enjoyed lower costs under the pay-as-you-throw system.  Municipalities are seeing an increase in recycling revenue. Residents are benefiting from a decrease in disposal costs.

Glossy Dumpster Controversy

Tempers flared after Industry Titans lock horns over Glossy Dumpster Controversy. In an attempt to one-up its rivals Sourcery Dumpster Service of Milwaukee decided to clean up its Dumpster Containers in hopes of cleaning up its image. Meanwhile, rivals Mis-managed Advantage and Disposal Violi refused to accept the disparaging monicker. As one anonymous source put

Velspresso de la curb

Rolling cafe phenom, Velspresso has been a hit in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. The novel Milwaukee start-up has added a trendy twist to traditional cafe service. Combining the art of the cart with a new market for custom curbside coffee.Velspresso’s curbside bicycle service eliminates the cafe’ altogether, and brings convenient caffeine access to business consumers and

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