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Urban Counter-Pose & Strategies of Concealment

When controversy erupts over Art Stop utility boxes democracy is in trouble. Since the controversy emerged    Alderman Zielinski is now endorsing strategies of concealment. Are they brown or rusty hue? Should they stay? Should they go?  Some local residents believe the utility boxes are in integral part of the Urban Counter-Pose Project, and thus, …

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Buying less junk not part of Milwaukee’s Sustainability report

“Buying less junk” conspicuously absent from 109 page Sustainability document. Some speculate that the private sector has been steering the Green Team away from curbing commerce (aka-buying less junk) in favor of the secret “stakeholders”. B. Vanster performed a manual word search to verify the speculation. The prominent words or phrases most notable to, and …

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Pay-as-you-throw WI

Pay-as-you-throw curbside waste services are increasing in popularity. Many municipalities who have moved away from fixed or flat fees are seeing success with the PAYT model. Both cities and residents have enjoyed lower costs under the pay-as-you-throw system.  Municipalities are seeing an increase in recycling revenue. Residents are benefiting from a decrease in disposal costs. …

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Velspresso de la curb

Rolling cafe phenom, Velspresso has been a hit in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. The novel Milwaukee start-up has added a trendy twist to traditional cafe service. Combining the art of the cart with a new market for custom curbside coffee.Velspresso’s curbside bicycle service eliminates the cafe’ altogether, and brings convenient caffeine access to business consumers and …

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