Haul Away Store Displays on Pallets (wholesaler)

Before contacting junk disposal company consider a few likely questions that may arise. What are the pallet sizes? Are the displays shrink wrapped or loose? Will the pallets be loaded into the truck by wholesaler? Are Pallets to be returned? Are displays reusable? Average weight of full pallets? Is there an available dock for outgoing

Real Estate Agents Deserve Fast and Friendly Contractors

Real Estate Agents require friendly and efficient contractors to close sales. Experience and social agility are a must for top performers in the field. Whether the agent is listing a residential or  commercial property the contractor must be prepared to provide information that is useful to both seller and buyer. Including providing onsite estimates for

BV Junk Guy risks illegal traffic stop for New Berlin Couch Removal

Bay View Junk Guy was thrown into a frenzy when asked to cross South 108th street for routine couch removal. Initially the experienced consultant of old wares declined the service citing jurisdictional conflict with provincial outfits like junk 800. But he was convinced to reconsider when the prospective client said the job was a referral.

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