Milwaukee Makerspace

Maker Movement

The Maker Movement is gaining momentum in Wisconsin. And that is all for the good. As a member of the Milwaukee MakerSpace I have come to enjoy the culture of Makers. I can feel the energy I think there are two reasons for this:


CMOM stands for Curbside Makers of Milwaukee.  A CMOM places a high value on re-use. She rarely disposes of material goods. CMOM’s know how to reclaim functional value from waste. A healthy supply of old growth lumber reclaimed from a local Dinosaur Dumpster can be used for antique table tops and high tech laser wood …

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wood etch

Use wood waste to laser etch holiday gifts. All you need is some scrap wood, an idea, and access to laser technology. The Curbside Makers of Milwaukee are tinkering with a variety of ideas in this growing space. We are currently etching logos and personalized photos for friends and local businesses in Bay View.

What is a Maker?

To answer the question what is a maker, is a fragile one. In the simplest sense I think Makers are people who bring something new into being. It implies the physical handling of materials, words, or instruments that transfer ideas and emotion on to a medium.   Makers’ develops relationships with the thing that is made, …

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Curbside Bin Maker

After a handful of estate clean outs, junk removals and specialty pick-ups, Bay View Curbside has amassed more than enough junk in 2013. But out of all that rubbish one always finds some treasure. A fender from a Schwinn bike, a few Gilded Age copper fittings, a sheet of plexi-glass and some decent construction material.  …

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Maker Art

The MakerSpace is about doing art. Art that inspires positive change from one artist to another. A physical place for the creative exchange of ideas, and a platform for individuals to do meaningful work. Work that is less about outcomes, and more about process.The process of sharing, both time and skills, experience and tools. The …

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Bay View Curbside Maker

Bay View Curbside collects by-product waste from Milwaukee and its surrounding communities for collaborative” Maker” Projects.  We are currently seeking a variety of residual waste material for our  up-cycling manufacturing network. We encourage companies within 30 miles of Milwaukee who regularly dispose of raw or used material to give us a call. In most cases, …

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Milwaukee Maker Fest

The Milwaukee Maker Fest is scheduled for October, 2013 in Bay View. This one day event  is designed to bring together the D.I.Y. culture for the purpose of connecting ideas, sharing stories and inspiring meaningful project partnerships. Milwaukee anticipates a diverse mixture of artists in attendance. From designers and musicians, from engineers to chemists, all …

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"Up-cycle Art"

Up-cycling; The process of converting Milwaukee waste material into Art. Giving new life to obsolete or damaged goods by collecting cracked picture frames from a Bay View residential estate clean out and donating the usable frame to a Milwaukee Artist in the Fifth Ward.  Extending the use value of an old garage door removed from …

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