Justice Breyer

Corruption does not include efforts to “garner ‘influence over or access to’ elected officials”. We all have a right to speak freely about our political views. If in the Wisconsin Governers’ race I favor Tony Zielinski over Scott Walker, I would vote for Tony Zielinski. And before voting I woould probably share my opinions with …

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Playing Civics

Play is the engine of real learning. It’s a biological imperative that facilitates self-discovery and an understanding of the way things function. Playful learning allows people to make sense of the world. When children make sense of the world, they soon discover their place in it. When adults make sense of the world, they too, …

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Urban Counter-Pose & Strategies of Concealment

When controversy erupts over Art Stop utility boxes democracy is in trouble. Since the controversy emerged    Alderman Zielinski is now endorsing strategies of concealment. Are they brown or rusty hue? Should they stay? Should they go?  Some local residents believe the utility boxes are in integral part of the Urban Counter-Pose Project, and thus, …

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The term is not mine. I am borrowing it from the professional literature on international economics. The “virtual senate” consists of investors and lenders. They can effectively decide social and economic policy by capital flight, attacks on currency that undermine the economy, and other means that have been provided by the neoliberal framework of the …

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Maker Movement

The Maker Movement is gaining momentum in Wisconsin. And that is all for the good. As a member of the Milwaukee MakerSpace I have come to enjoy the culture of Makers. I can feel the energy I think there are two reasons for this:

Buying less junk not part of Milwaukee’s Sustainability report

“Buying less junk” conspicuously absent from 109 page Sustainability document. Some speculate that the private sector has been steering the Green Team away from curbing commerce (aka-buying less junk) in favor of the secret “stakeholders”. B. Vanster performed a manual word search to verify the speculation. The prominent words or phrases most notable to, and …

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