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There is much discussion around the importance of recycling in Milwaukee. Campaigns like “Recycle for Good” keep the idea of recycling fresh in our minds. “Recycle for Good” keeps the public informed. Using leaflets and flyers to express the virtues of recycling and resource conservation. Promoting the re-use of material goods, from cardboard to paper,

Salvaging neighborhood wood

There is a better alternative for wood waste. The better alternative is not disposing or recycling wood waste, but re-using wood waste. I have reconstructed shelves, tables, and trash bins from modest amounts of scrap lumber. Unfortunately, as the waste infrastructure currently operates, disposal wins most of the time. The reason disposal wins most of

MIlwaukee Coffee Cup Recycling

Milwaukee Starbuck’s cafes may be providing in store recycling for consumers by 2015. Starbuck’s is collaborating with waste collectors, recyclers and paper manufacturers to work out complex infrastructural and design details. Georgia Pacific, a Wisconsin based paper manufacturer has been an important partner for Starbucks. Not only has Georgia Pacific been participating in various pilot