Closing on a Home and Tips on Keeping Clean Out Costs Low

Keep home clean-out costs low by separating the “keep” pile from the “junk” pile.  Providing clarity to the junk guys on what goes vs. what stays keeps the haulers moving. By keeping the haulers moving you keep hours down and the costs low. Have a plan for big stuff removal like appliances, exercise equipment, bulky … Read moreClosing on a Home and Tips on Keeping Clean Out Costs Low

Making Bins Count

Bins, Bins, Bins. Re. Re. Re. rah. rah.rah. We have a bin at the neighborhood cafe that looks much like a bucket. Nothing wrong with buckets, but… is a bucket a bin. What’s s bin?  A box, frame, crib, an enclosed place. What is its purpose?

wood etch

Use wood waste to laser etch holiday gifts. All you need is some scrap wood, an idea, and access to laser technology. The Curbside Makers of Milwaukee are tinkering with a variety of ideas in this growing space. We are currently etching logos and personalized photos for friends and local businesses in Bay View.

Contamination of MIlwaukee Recyclables

Working in Milwaukee communities like Bay View, Whitefish Bay, and the Third Ward, there has been an ongoing and increased participation in local sustainability efforts, particularly recycling and re-use. Unfortunately the gains made through recycling efforts may not add up to the gains reported by interested parties. The collection and reporting of recycled waste volume … Read moreContamination of MIlwaukee Recyclables

Fridge removals that DON'T suck

Basement refrigerator removals generally suck. Basement refrigerators removals from homes built before the 1950’s generally really suck. But if the task has befallen you, do these three things: create a smooth, flat surface with two 2×4’s for express hauling, take off the door and handles to eliminate any snag or restriction during the upward slide … Read moreFridge removals that DON'T suck

Resource Agility and DfD

Design for deconstruction is a simple concept that maximizes the life-cycle of building materials. By extending the life of construction lumber and other composite material, DfD can make a significant contribution to resource conservation. Design for Deconstruction is about re-use. Designing material and its component parts in a way that can be easily disassembled. Constructing … Read moreResource Agility and DfD