City of Milwaukee Special Pick-Up Service 414.982.3736

Effective January 7, 2013, the new price schedule for bulky waste pick-up in Milwaukee is as follows: There is a $50 fee to pick up bulky waste in excess of (1) cubic yard up to four (4) cubic yards. To give you some idea what $50 may pay for, consider the following two examples:

1) For curbside removal of a couch and an entertainment center by the city of Milwaukee / $50
    For collection of a bed, a coffee table and some miscellaneous items / $50

 2) For junk removal between 4 and 6 cubic yards, the city of Milwaukee will send a Special pick-up crew to recover the unwanted material for $150.

 For additional details regarding price comparison and pick-up scheduling please contact Michael at  Bay View Curbside at 414.982.3736. 

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