The idea of removing a church organ is not a task to be taken lightly. First you must keep in mind that safety is the number one concern for both the team moving the organ as well as the church walls, doorways and other possible impediments.

Once you safely sketch your path out of the church with sufficient room for the Organ to be moved downstairs or otherwise you may begin the deconstruction of the church organ.

Deconstructing the church organ may not be necessary if your path is large enough to accommodate both the health of the Organ as well as the safety of the removal crew. Assuming however, that it’s necessary to deconstruct start by checking the electronics. Some wire snipping will probably be necessary to separate the organ from the speakers.

Now it’s time to grab a ladder, tall enough, long enough, safe enough to snip the wires to detach the speakers from the digital Organ.

Disassemble the long foot pedals. They should come off all in one piece. You may also want to deconstruct the top part of the organ to lighten it and make it less cumbersome. Be careful and good luck.

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