Why use junk guy? Well, junk guy is someone you know or use on occasion for general removal of household stuff. You may not call him junk guy but you may understand who your junk guy is. Why one chooses the monicker junk guy v junk man vs junk hauler vs junk squared….and on and on…. The first point is junk guy implies a real human, a non-machine, an actual guy. Aside from knowing that the Bay View Junk Guy is an actual person you may suspect that he wants to be thought of as a person. In fact this whole junk guy bit gets more philosophical as this post perpetuates. Maybe the junk guy is doing a brand? Maybe the Bay Viewer  has no idea what he is doing. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Why call anyone for service in your home? Convenience usually. A need of some kind. Cost is certainly relevant.

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