Junk Truck Ads stuck at 20%- Waste Shares Down

Waukesha Junk Truck Site guy could afford a decrease in  the percentages of hauling coupons from 20% to 19%.  Given the volume of related ads with adjoining “brought to you buys” the junk truck site guy appera to have a monoply (No source, mere speculation-I heard it on TV)

 If the 20% coupon littering my screen is not reduced by at least one percentage point, Team Vanster will be calling a meeting with the 5 families to discuss how we should proceed with the JP Morgan of Junk. It might be time to address this odd challenge.
 The Bay View Circular will be conducting research on no’s 19 and 20.

Or maybe this was all about a larger scheme. Perhaps winning the race to the bottom was part of the Junk Truck agenda.i.e. cheaper, faster, bigger and better-service – with BIGGER trucks and Expensive web ads.  Not to mention, the Junk Truck Squad has more Vic Tanny Gym Memberships than Milwaukee’s Vanster Valet, Junk Shutttle and Justin’s Junk removal services combined.

We’re gonna move quickly on this one! Peace!

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