Junk Truck fails to raise prices

So I searched for Bay View Waste Hauling on the old inter-web today,  and to my relief,  Junk Truck  Scooby has not raised his prices. Who’s Junk Truck Scooby? He’s a Waukesha Junk Hauler who has been in the business for several years now. I am sure he’s a nice guy. But I must admit when he fails to raise his prices, he fails.

You see most businesses are always advertising something-low prices, best service, and bigger trucks. And my favorite “We are green”.  Green no longer has any meaning outside of the color, OK. Mine is greener than yours no longer flies.

If you have to tell folks that you are the best, the cheapest, the fastest, and the most trust-worthy one may get suspicious. Odds are I may be talking to my self here, but, I don’t know any organization or any person for that matter who can be all things to all people. Do you (Again, I might be talking to myself here)?

So the point of this blog post is, there really isn’t one?
Except to say, except to remind my fellow haulers that we’re are hauling junk. We are not performing critical health care here.

So enough with the ads, enough with the “mine is greener than yours bit.

Peace Out

B. Vanster


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