Keep It Simple Estate Cleanout

If you are designing a service page for junk removal keep it simple. A seamless page will provide basic and relevant information that a searcher will use to make a decision. And that decision to call Bay View Curbside will depend largely on the simplicity and clarity of the information. If a home owner is searching for “estate cleanout” and your website is found then you have done your job when it comes to SEO. Once navigation begins on your website there should not be a reason to click the back button. User friendly service pages are set up to be simple. Navigation should be seamless in a well designed removal service site.

As using the back button is regressive so is handling junk more than once. It wastes time and consumes emotional energy. Avoid it when you can.

In some cases though the home seller may want to keep sentimental objects, things that have intrinsic value, be sure to separate the stuff important to the your customer from the junk. Separating the “I am keeping these family photos” from the water damaged lot of vintage Life magazines will be helpful. A balance is needed.  

  • Keep It Simple
  • Handle stuff one time
  • Call Bay View Curbside for MIlwaukee removal service 414.982.3736

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