Storage AND too many Bikes

Who invented storage? Not the sort of storage in one’s small closet in one’s tiny apartment, but storage in the sense of paying for a space to store stuff. Stuff you don’t use or wear. Which reminds me, does anyone need a bike. I have a 73 Schwinn Speedster, a Schwinn 3 wheeler (1974?), a sweet Silver Steel Ross with all the fancy gear and a X bike. X bike is a nameless mountain bike with high performance parts. If you like the 80’s you’ll like the Ross bike.

There is no need for me to have four bikes. Does anyone want a bike? Why am I storing 4 bikes (why am I using the #4 rather than four)?

Please dial 414-982-3736 if you want a cool bike. Then once I clear my mind and clear my basement of bikes we (I) will find out who invented storage.

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