If grandma asks you to remove the old wooden swing set you better get to work.

First check the posts. Are they held tightly in the ground or do the posts move or wiggle when shaken? If they are wobbly, that generally indicates you’ll be able to remove the posts without a sledgehammer or even a shovel (Bring a shovel just in case).

Next check the distance from the closest wooden post to grandma’s house, car or other thing you would hate to break while removing this rotting swing set.Oh, it has monkey bars. Maybe it’s a play set? Doesn’t matter.  Is the distance greater than the length of the post? Remember to add on a few feet for what’s been buried. If yes, then great. If not, take precautions.

Now you are ready to saw away. Start at the top with hanging horizontal structures. Remove one structure at a time. The monkey bars first, then remove the slide.  Have one guy saw and one guy hold his watch. When all structures have been cut and removed from the area you are done. Be sure to replace any earth that was dug up no matter how little.

Say Thanks. Haul Away to the local dump.

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