The Non-Allure of Free Quotes

Free Quotes. What? Of course you are gonna give someone a free quote. I mean, do you want the client to tell you what they should pay. That’s a strategy. So long as you have a wealthy parent.

BV Junk Guy risks illegal traffic stop for New Berlin Couch Removal

Bay View Junk Guy was thrown into a frenzy when asked to cross South 108th street for routine couch removal. Initially the experienced consultant of old wares declined the service citing jurisdictional conflict with provincial outfits like junk 800. But he was convinced to reconsider when the prospective client said the job was a referral. …

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Bay View Junk Guy, Going Corporate, and Collared Shirts

The Bay View Junk Guy dons collared shirt to retain corporate accounts. The move from a slightly soiled t-shirt to a second-hand polo has proven well for the nickel start-up. By securing work on   abandoned commercial properties and dilapidated apartments the tiny start-up has invested in 1400 collared shirts for its team.

Clutter-Milwaukee & Death of the Shopping Mall

“Too much stuff” says the King. “Your mind is occupied by shopping malls and  low-end brothels, Go  find a profession worthy of your talents. Cease buying worthless goods. Get rid of it all that clutter And please my Lad, stop going to those God Forsaken shopping malls. Clutter-Milwaukee,  Haul away your mess today. 414-982-3736

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