Vanster Clutter Crew

Dude…you got some good clutter going there. You might be well inclined to contact the fastest growing clutter crew in Wisconsin. How it works… talk to a human being by phone 414-982-3736                          discuss your clutter problem                          determine level of clutter       

Versatile disposal Van

Milwaukee’s Vanster is gaining ground on the Bagster. The primary reason,versatility. The Vanster has double the wiggle room for larger construction loads. Its biggest advantage is length. At 12 feet long and a length and width of 4 feet respectively, the Vanster can remove and safely haul wood that is both tall and long.  The

Lean wall table – re-purposed

Tongue and groove hardwood flooring was used to create this simple, sleek table. By removing  the floor slats carefully we were able to make three lean furniture projects from the deconstructed material. The glue-less end table was connected with screws and joined organically by original joints. Here is the latest. Very modest,but fun, and resourceful

Vanster Curbside Services

The Vanster picks-up, removes, and recovers waste resources from Bay View and neighboring Milwaukee areas. What type of waste resources? 1. The Vanster accepts deconstructed wood, drywall, flooring and cabinets. Routine pick-ups of miscellaneous construction debris like bricks, shingles, and remodeling  junk are also accepted.  2. Trees, branches, bushes and sticks are accepted. 3. Couches,