Closing on a Home and Tips on Keeping Clean Out Costs Low

  1. Keep home clean-out costs low by separating the “keep” pile from the “junk” pile.  Providing clarity to the junk guys on what goes vs. what stays keeps the haulers moving. By keeping the haulers moving you keep hours down and the costs low.
  2. Have a plan for big stuff removal like appliances, exercise equipment, bulky machinery, over sized furniture, and king size beds.  The plan may include taking off doors, deconstructing equipment, disassembling bed frames, or breaking down bulky cumbersome junk.
  3. Be sure to have the proper tools on hand. These may include a ratchet set with extensions, screwdrivers, a reciprocating saw, a crow bar, wire cutters and a hammer.
  4. If you are using a junk hauling company be sure to get a set price. When you agree on a fixed price the responsibility is on the removal service to complete the clean out as agreed.
  5.  A written contract with a specific start and completion time will protect you from additional fees.



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