Vanster Swallows Bagster on Wauwatosa Curbside

A two person crew from Bay View was called to collect a Bagster from a Wauwatosa home. Upon arrival the home owner asked whether or not the boys could manage such a heavy and cumbersome load. After all, it was raining, it was slippery, and the load exceeded its normal carrying capacity in volume. Despite these apparent challenges the senior crew went to work. Separating the recyclables from the disposables, bagging, boxing and loading drywall, wood flooring and other odd junk, the junk disappeared as if by magic.

“It’s true, isn’t it,” the Tosa mother asked. “The stories I’ve heard… about this Special Van in Bay View.” (Pause)  It’s you, (Pause) it’s your Vanster, (Pause) isn’t it?  “The one that swallows giant junk bags?” (Curbside guy) Yes madam, it is.

To have your junk bag picked up, swallowed, or just plain collected, call Bay View Curbside at 414.982.3736.

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